Funding Solutions

There are many financial assistance programs available including:

  • SBA loans.
  • Securities backed line of credit.
  • Unsecured loans.
  • Special assistance for women, minorities and vets.
  • Creative IRA/401(k)/ 403(b)/Keogh rollover plans that offer a tax- and debt-free option for funding your business. For a complete listing of lenders and programs, please contact us today.

What are the advantages of using a retirement rollover program? By rolling your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), Keogh or other retirement funds into Benetrends’ 401(k) franchise financing vehicle, you can:

Buy a franchise, lower overhead and increase your success rate

Instead of sending interest payments to a lender, you can use your money to purchase advertising, buy equipment, lease a company van, hire additional sales staff or use it in any way that will bring you quicker profits.

Reduce personal liability

Use your own funds to avoid pledging your home or other assets as loan collateral and potentially jeopardizing your personal credit.

Maximize tax-deferred benefits

By investing your retirement funds into your own franchise, you can reinvest your profits tax-deferred in your business or in your retirement account. Build your business while you grow your retirement nest egg!

Enjoy flexibility

You can mix your retirement funds with personal funds or capital from other investors. It’s the ideal financing structure for husband-and-wife teams!

Invest in yourself

Unlike taking risks in the volatile stock market, financing your business with retirement funds is an investment in yourself – one that you can control and count on! Discover your retirement account’s true investing power (and the ability to finance your franchise with money you already have)!

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*SBA Loan Money-Back Fee Guarantee: If Benetrends accepts your application for processing, we guarantee your application will be approved or we refund 100% of our fee.

Not sure which is the right funding solution for you?
We’ve got an online funding tool just for you!