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Mike is a terrific franchise broker who walks with you every step of the way from franchise discovery, evaluation, to the purchase process. His experience as a highly successful multiple franchise owner, two-time franchisor, COO of a franchise-like system, and now franchise broker gives him a keen perspective on the identification and analysis of franchise opportunities. He carefully proposed only franchise opportunities that met my initial criteria, and when I had doubts at different stages of the process, he was instrumental in helping me to overcome them with further information. He is extremely thorough and diligent in his research, very responsive, and a real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him as a franchise broker and advisor since, while he ultimately earns his fee from the franchisor, he never lost sight of his advocacy on my behalf, as a potential franchisee.

-Beville May

Mike did a wonderful job walking his client through the franchise buying cycles. He really did his due diligence to find the right fit for his client. When we first started working with Mike he was unfamiliar with our brand but had heard good things. Mike went above and beyond learning our system and helping his client make her decision. He even came as far as making a trip out to WI to visit us in person. He made sure that his client was comfortable and well informed. Mike is truly committed to finding a true franchisee/franchisor match and made the process fun and easy!

Zach Nolte
Kitchen Solvers

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